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Examination of What

My life cannot be real right now.

Brussels was…quick. We were pretty much just funneled through government buildings. Parliament is rather elegant though, and we did get to hang with the president of the senate.
That night though…oh that night. At 3am I woke up to encounter the (unfortunately) second biggest spider I have ever encountered in my life. I didn’t even know how to say spider in French (now I do) and there is a point when insects are too large for me to kill without some sort of serious episode. That being said I stared at it for two hours and then retreated to the couch downstairs. Jean-Jacques got up for work at six and was nice enough to confront the creature…which of course was gone.
ain’t it always so?

Saturday I arose early so I could help set up for the annual Rotary event of my host club. I spent the morning moving benches and numbering chairs at a gorgeous private castle (complete with a mote and swans). After I was to go to my counselor’s house to shower and get changed for that night.
Now here’s where it gets good.
My counselor, his two children, and I were driving up the winding back roads to his house when she appeared to us. She was about 2 or 3, and standing right in the middle of the street with a can of Pringles…naked. I kid you not. No one in the neighborhood new where she came from either.
My counselor’s son could only offer, “C’est comme ça en Belgique”
“It’s like that in Belgium”.
The night ended with me sitting outside on a castle wall watching a play about Molière.

Sunday I think I may have been involved with a co-Freemasonry potluck…
The bread was really good.

I have to keep reminding myself that I am not watching a dry foreign comedy. This is my life right now.


Central & Remote

I was a bit down today. I mean, it had it’s good points. I fed the mouton, had a tasty soda at the very orange-ly decorated house of a photographer, almost gave my host mother a heart attack while I tried to drive stick on the Chimay Circuit, and helped make an omelette. I even worked at the piano for a while, where I realized this:
It’s so hard to brood here. Brooding, is a major part of my creative process. My self loathing and self isolation are important factors for my artistic success. I must be one with my simple v-neck, thick black glasses, black skinny jeans, and horizontally striped sweater/cardigan. I was so close to complete disdain for the human race when my host mother asked me if I wanted to play badmitton with her. The image of us playing badmitton together pretty much makes my heart explode with warm fuzzy feelings I can’t explain, and one of these days I will take her up on that offer.

I’m starting to miss mean people. 

 I’m diggin’ the celeste. I’m diggin’ it here, I’m diggin’ it here, and I’m diggin’ it on the little Casio keyboard I be workin’ with. I always dig it when Joe Hisaishi decides to dig it.
Can we talk about that delicious chromatic bass thingy that’s all over the Ponyo score? No? Well I’m probably one of the few 18 year old girls who went to see that AND went crazy over the chromatic bass thingy the entire time…probably.
If you don’t  know Joe Hisaishi, you should…right now.

Tomorrow – Namur
Thursday – Brussels


Love For Sale

How about everybody Facebook chat me at once? juztsayin.

Okay, so Namur

c’est bon.
I’m at Jean-Jacque’s house for three days.  It’s très modern. I am especially a fan of the chic orange door to my room (pictures at a later time, I promise).  Though I have been confused about these for a week now.
Yesterday my host mom and I spent the day in Namur while Jack was at work. First on the agenda was to fix my computer. Yeahno. It’s not the CD it’s the goddamn computer. $200? Non, merci.
Puis, we at lunch at an outdoor cafe and yes…it happened…it’s true!…
When in Europe you WILL be serenaded at an outdoor cafe on a cobblestone road by an eastern European man with an accordian and a gypsy with a tambourine. garunteeed.
Musicians and starving artists alike, consider this: Unlike in NYC, people actually give money here…really! 
You know what else is real? The coffee. sooo real. Q’est-ce que c’est Starbucks?
Then last night…dinner party! Twas a good time and now I just might meet this.
My playing is pas la même since the eradication of all things metal in my mouth.

To spite my parents for their vacation in Florida I have purchased Steve Reich’s Tehillim and Desert Music on iTunes using their credit card and have no intention of paying them back (loveyou!). Alarm Will Sound done did me right. This is soon becoming a favorite…like Namur…and my host parents (who don’t think that I know that they know that this blog exists and are probably reading it now. Salut, Marie Pierre et Jean-Jacques!…ah mais oui…je vois tout )…and Belgium…and cherry beer.

It’s midnight and there is a full fireworks display commencing. just sayin’.

Oh and…rabbit tastes like chicken.


Explanations Come to an End Somewhere

My life pour le moment is reeeal sitcom-esque.

Today I learned:

– The police station in Chimay is silent and slow. Come to think of it…I didn’t see one police officer.

– Babybel is…for babies.

– There are approximately 53 different kinds of pre-packaged ham at the supermarche.

– I can literally walk to France. what. is. that.


Tonight I attended my first Rotary meeting.
oooh girl. Them’s fancy. and all men. and loud. and Belgian…ahhh, so it’s just like any other Rotary meeting, but in a different language…c’est bon.
I received a ride home tonight from a kind gentleman and his Mercedes-Benz playing classic rock. It may have been the fastest ride home in the history of ever, and had it not been for the beverages in my system it would have been the most terrifying.
Here’s the kicker…
I looked over at the speedometer
…(wait for it)

No numbers.
I swear to you.


If you are my parents and you are in Florida I hope you are reading this because it’s real great that you decided to finally take a vacation once I’m gone and now I’m in a foreign country and I actually need things and you haven’t emailed me for about two days and it would be super cool if you did because I can’t call you and HEY that’s actually one of the things that I need you to help me fix so awesome how about it?

Walk it Down

There is nothing more terrifying than watching someone you can barely communicate with attempting to take apart your precious MacBook. Trust me…
Last night I discovered that the CD that had been in my computer since I left America was now refusing to come out (good one, Kass). I told May and we set out to fix my first problem in Belgium. Our visit with a fellow villager proved unsuccessful and he reccomended a computer store nearby. Well…needless to say these people clearly weren’t learned in Le Pomme. Then we called Le Pomme (in French I might add)…the kind bilingual customer service rep failed to assist in my CD’s extraction. Then we called another store, “Mac Line”, and they tried to tell me it would bee $2oo to fix…pas bon. Finally a store near “Jack” will help for $40…c’est bon.
No movies in French until Friday…d’accord.

Rotary wasn’t joking…they eat REAL butter here. Tonight we took a good long walk to get rid of the meatballs, mashed potatoes, pancakes, steak (for lunch), baguette, and chocolate. Though we did find nuts and plums to eat along the way…and a disturbing amount of slugs.

After our walk we discussed the philosophy of Le Petit Prince with our limited vocabulary.
Now I will eat a TinTin biscuit and proceed to bed.
TinTin Biscuits 


So near, so far



It’s been almost two days now since I arrived in the fair country of Belgium.
C’est bon.

Last night after dinner I went to a village festival where I witnessed a French band playing “Karma Police”. The answer to my question is no, I will never escape Radiohead.
I met my future host father who introduced me to a jazz pianist and gave me some uh “strong” lemonade.
At 11 I attended my first dance party with about 300 other Belgians. There I received cherry beer which I enjoyed immensely, and another beer I enjoyed as well.
Jean-Jacques, or “Jack”, picked me up at 1.
Jean-Jacques (right then….instead of “is” I typed “est”. This is a good sign) is May’s (my host mother) “companion”. Our relationship consists of him saying something to me, me looking at him all confused-like, and him laughing at me. I like it a lot.

Today I had meatballs and fries, a swim in a lake, ice cream, and bread with various toppings.

Oh and the fries here are the most amazing fries I have ever tasted. I’ve been sent to the right place.

On tuesday I will be left alone while they take Flora (my host sister) to the airport. I will go around and take pictures like the creeper I am.

 Until then…