So near, so far



It’s been almost two days now since I arrived in the fair country of Belgium.
C’est bon.

Last night after dinner I went to a village festival where I witnessed a French band playing “Karma Police”. The answer to my question is no, I will never escape Radiohead.
I met my future host father who introduced me to a jazz pianist and gave me some uh “strong” lemonade.
At 11 I attended my first dance party with about 300 other Belgians. There I received cherry beer which I enjoyed immensely, and another beer I enjoyed as well.
Jean-Jacques, or “Jack”, picked me up at 1.
Jean-Jacques (right then….instead of “is” I typed “est”. This is a good sign) is May’s (my host mother) “companion”. Our relationship consists of him saying something to me, me looking at him all confused-like, and him laughing at me. I like it a lot.

Today I had meatballs and fries, a swim in a lake, ice cream, and bread with various toppings.

Oh and the fries here are the most amazing fries I have ever tasted. I’ve been sent to the right place.

On tuesday I will be left alone while they take Flora (my host sister) to the airport. I will go around and take pictures like the creeper I am.

 Until then…


8 responses to “So near, so far

  1. Nobody escapes Radiohead.

    This blog… c’est amusant!
    Bon voyagggeeee 🙂

  2. Awh I’m Glad Yu’re Having A Good Time! I Miss Yu Already! ❤ =]

  3. I tried cherry beer tonight too lol. Must be a Belgian thing. Sooo good!

    Ditto on the french fries- they really don’t exaggerate.

    But the chocolate tops all. Not too much, and sooo good. I think I’m in heaven.

  4. c’est bon!

  5. FIRST!

  6. Neighborlady

    Hey Kassie,
    Tres bien, c’est magnifique! I look forward to following your adventures! Have a little (just a little) chocolate for me.

  7. About the fries: French fries was always a misnomer; they were really Belgian fries but the American GIs figured that if people were speaking French, they must be in France.

  8. Aunt Nancy

    What a great writer you are…I felt like I was hearing you talk.
    I was with your mom and dad this weekend. It was weird not having you there.
    I remember how I felt the first few weeks I was in Nicaragua…it’s really hard, but also really great!
    Aunt Nancy

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