Walk it Down

There is nothing more terrifying than watching someone you can barely communicate with attempting to take apart your precious MacBook. Trust me…
Last night I discovered that the CD that had been in my computer since I left America was now refusing to come out (good one, Kass). I told May and we set out to fix my first problem in Belgium. Our visit with a fellow villager proved unsuccessful and he reccomended a computer store nearby. Well…needless to say these people clearly weren’t learned in Le Pomme. Then we called Le Pomme (in French I might add)…the kind bilingual customer service rep failed to assist in my CD’s extraction. Then we called another store, “Mac Line”, and they tried to tell me it would bee $2oo to fix…pas bon. Finally a store near “Jack” will help for $40…c’est bon.
No movies in French until Friday…d’accord.

Rotary wasn’t joking…they eat REAL butter here. Tonight we took a good long walk to get rid of the meatballs, mashed potatoes, pancakes, steak (for lunch), baguette, and chocolate. Though we did find nuts and plums to eat along the way…and a disturbing amount of slugs.

After our walk we discussed the philosophy of Le Petit Prince with our limited vocabulary.
Now I will eat a TinTin biscuit and proceed to bed.
TinTin Biscuits 



5 responses to “Walk it Down

  1. boo, for the six hour time difference that only allows us to talk in early mornings or late evenings, and also for stuck reggae cd! yay for slugs and real butter!


  2. I would like to eat some of those slugs.

  3. chris long

    sorry kass! damn that itunes! my computer hasnt been working right since i burned those discs. i’ll remake them into audio discs. Damn dreadlock dudes always jamming things up! peace be with you kassie

  4. Remind me to tell you of the time Chuck got slugs in his shoes in Austria.

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