Explanations Come to an End Somewhere

My life pour le moment is reeeal sitcom-esque.

Today I learned:

– The police station in Chimay is silent and slow. Come to think of it…I didn’t see one police officer.

– Babybel is…for babies.

– There are approximately 53 different kinds of pre-packaged ham at the supermarche.

– I can literally walk to France. what. is. that.


Tonight I attended my first Rotary meeting.
oooh girl. Them’s fancy. and all men. and loud. and Belgian…ahhh, so it’s just like any other Rotary meeting, but in a different language…c’est bon.
I received a ride home tonight from a kind gentleman and his Mercedes-Benz playing classic rock. It may have been the fastest ride home in the history of ever, and had it not been for the beverages in my system it would have been the most terrifying.
Here’s the kicker…
I looked over at the speedometer
…(wait for it)

No numbers.
I swear to you.


If you are my parents and you are in Florida I hope you are reading this because it’s real great that you decided to finally take a vacation once I’m gone and now I’m in a foreign country and I actually need things and you haven’t emailed me for about two days and it would be super cool if you did because I can’t call you and HEY that’s actually one of the things that I need you to help me fix so awesome how about it?


One response to “Explanations Come to an End Somewhere

  1. oh please. and you said you didn’t have much to write about in this one.
    my life right now:
    thinking about my girlfriend in europe, while eating nutella on broken sourdough pretzel bits and watching broadway musicals online. unfinished paintings pile up around me.

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