Love For Sale

How about everybody Facebook chat me at once? juztsayin.

Okay, so Namur

c’est bon.
I’m at Jean-Jacque’s house for three days.  It’s très modern. I am especially a fan of the chic orange door to my room (pictures at a later time, I promise).  Though I have been confused about these for a week now.
Yesterday my host mom and I spent the day in Namur while Jack was at work. First on the agenda was to fix my computer. Yeahno. It’s not the CD it’s the goddamn computer. $200? Non, merci.
Puis, we at lunch at an outdoor cafe and yes…it happened…it’s true!…
When in Europe you WILL be serenaded at an outdoor cafe on a cobblestone road by an eastern European man with an accordian and a gypsy with a tambourine. garunteeed.
Musicians and starving artists alike, consider this: Unlike in NYC, people actually give money here…really! 
You know what else is real? The coffee. sooo real. Q’est-ce que c’est Starbucks?
Then last night…dinner party! Twas a good time and now I just might meet this.
My playing is pas la même since the eradication of all things metal in my mouth.

To spite my parents for their vacation in Florida I have purchased Steve Reich’s Tehillim and Desert Music on iTunes using their credit card and have no intention of paying them back (loveyou!). Alarm Will Sound done did me right. This is soon becoming a favorite…like Namur…and my host parents (who don’t think that I know that they know that this blog exists and are probably reading it now. Salut, Marie Pierre et Jean-Jacques!…ah mais oui…je vois tout )…and Belgium…and cherry beer.

It’s midnight and there is a full fireworks display commencing. just sayin’.

Oh and…rabbit tastes like chicken.



3 responses to “Love For Sale

  1. hey so i can totally solve the toilet button problem- little button=little flush, big button=big flush. very efficient. just sayin’
    i also saw eastern european man with accordion, while at an outdoor cafe. in fact, so far every stereotype i know about belgium has been true haha

  2. J’adore that plus et plus of your blog is en francais as time passes. I only worry that soon je ne comprendra pas. (Sorry, my future tense is tres rusty!)

    Love you. Miss you. Enjoy some delicious Belgian beer pour moi!

  3. Loooove this blog. So glad it exists.

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