Central & Remote

I was a bit down today. I mean, it had it’s good points. I fed the mouton, had a tasty soda at the very orange-ly decorated house of a photographer, almost gave my host mother a heart attack while I tried to drive stick on the Chimay Circuit, and helped make an omelette. I even worked at the piano for a while, where I realized this:
It’s so hard to brood here. Brooding, is a major part of my creative process. My self loathing and self isolation are important factors for my artistic success. I must be one with my simple v-neck, thick black glasses, black skinny jeans, and horizontally striped sweater/cardigan. I was so close to complete disdain for the human race when my host mother asked me if I wanted to play badmitton with her. The image of us playing badmitton together pretty much makes my heart explode with warm fuzzy feelings I can’t explain, and one of these days I will take her up on that offer.

I’m starting to miss mean people. 

 I’m diggin’ the celeste. I’m diggin’ it here, I’m diggin’ it here, and I’m diggin’ it on the little Casio keyboard I be workin’ with. I always dig it when Joe Hisaishi decides to dig it.
Can we talk about that delicious chromatic bass thingy that’s all over the Ponyo score? No? Well I’m probably one of the few 18 year old girls who went to see that AND went crazy over the chromatic bass thingy the entire time…probably.
If you don’t  know Joe Hisaishi, you should…right now.

Tomorrow – Namur
Thursday – Brussels



5 responses to “Central & Remote

  1. First!

  2. You go Kassie!

  3. You are a lovely writer. I’m really enjoying reading your posts! Are you wearing any colors besides gray? That is a broody color. xo

  4. you seemed like you were working up some loathing on skype tonight…

    but then you lost it and started making silly faces.

    sorry? ha ha.

    think about coming back to America and having to live in Brooklyn with murderers and car thieves next year. that might help!

  5. write another blog! maintenant!

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