September in The Rain

A list of completely unbiased observations thus far.

– I checked, and pack of bed linens only comes with one sheet and a duvet cover. I kind of like it better though.

– Smaller meals like breakfast are eaten on nice little cutting boards. I have verified this with several other exchange students as well.

– When a product is described as “American Style” it is probably because of the size…and by that I mean it’s large.

– There are no screens in the windows.

– There is always a huge bottle of water on every kitchen table.

– The concept of a check cashing store is not easily explained or understood.

– Toilets have buttons and do not swirl when flushed.


Tomorrow is my first day of school. If I survive there will be a full report.


7 responses to “September in The Rain

  1. ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. school will be tres bon! ils vous aimeront!

  3. p.s. my french est tres bon aussi, non?

  4. kidding.

  5. Aunt Naomi

    Kassie! Your blog is soooo interesting . . . and funny! You must be having the time of your life. Just don’t ever write it all in French or I’ll be out of luck. Keep on having a good time.

  6. Aunt Naomi

    Seriously. My comment is awaiting moderation? Whatever that means.

  7. You are a cabbage!!!

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