LVPA was some sort of chaotic funhouse compared to this…

 I don’t actually have a schedule yet. Thus I have been toted to various classes by one of many students all week. I just stand awkwardly and stare until someone directs me where to go. It works out well most of the time.
I am currently attending two english classes which I actually find very helpful for my vocabulary. My teacher speaks in a British accent and there are pictures of U2 and Coldplay everywhere. There is an ongoing list to compare British to American English. “We say pants in Amurrika”
I am the closest thing to a hipster at my school. It’s concerning. Almost all of the boys in the lower grades have the same haircut and are sporting some sort of faux hawk…sadly/ironically a good portion of them turn out like this.
I’m also getting used to being able to leave the school when I don’t have class. Where is the trust America? Where?
 There is actually a cafeteria…with good food. Yesterday I went out for a sandwiche. It was like Wawa but with baguettes, and beer, and andalouse sauce, and no gas pumps, or milkshake machines, and everybody spoke French, and so actually it wasn’t like Wawa at all.
It’s strange how much I actually miss American food. There isn’t really an “American food” though. Hamburgers? I think not. I think what I actually miss the most is just that. The beauty that on any given day I can eat food from six different countries all within three miles of my house.

In short
 – I went to Brussels where I ate fries, drank cherry beer, and bought a sweatshirt with a naked black woman on it.
 –  I walked around the castle of Chimay which contains an actual living princess, but I can’t go in because she is afraid to get swine flu.
 –  I saw the biggest bottle of Chimay ever.
 – Gym class is not a joke. There was a stopwatch involved.
 – I can’t walk to Chimay from my house.  I tried. I failed.
 – I’m going to see Grizzly Bear. In November. In Brussels. suckit.

 – My return to school and descent into darkness
 – Festival of Wallonia in Namur
 – Me cooking dinner…


One response to “Gobbledigook

  1. learn to love the tintin hawk. fabulous.

    bike to chimay!

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