Alles Neu

Everyone get into this

I am.


How I spend my time at school in Belgium:

1. Reading The Rest Is Noise

Alex Ross has essentially become my music history teacher for this year. Here is a bon (possibly illegal) excerpt for your pleasure.

“When Charlie Parker came to Paris in 1949, he marked the occasion by incorporating the first notes of the Rite into his solo on “Salt Peanuts”. Two years later, playing Birdland in New York, the bebop master spotted Stravinsky at one of the tables and immediately incorporated a motif from Firebird into “Koko”, causing the composer to spill he scotch in ecstasy.”

…and there I sit, the American girl with her 20th Century music history book, listening to Steve Reich, in the general vicinity of the birthplace of classical music, trying desperately to drown out the blasting techno of the senior class.
Well, there you have it.
Anyway, I highly recommend the book. You know…if you like the 20th century…and music.

2. Having deep discussions with myself in English.

What am I meant to do here? Why is Miley Cyrus earning more than Steve Reich? How do humans accept the inevitability of death? Is death our main motivation to live? What exactly was that meat I just ate? What does it mean to be alive? Is it a flaw or a gift that I know I exist and wonder why? Do I want mayonnaise or andalouse with my fries next time?

It’s trying.

3. Listen to music

Everybody get on

Panda Bear

Steve Reich


My boy Shosty



and anything else Alex Ross tells you to listen to


Tonight I learned that francophones enjoy Chuck Norris jokes too.
Going to Mons in the morning. Beatles festival and sleepover.



3 responses to “Alles Neu

  1. my stomach hurts from laughing so much at this one.

  2. Kassie – this was my Sun am inspiration – loved it – made me feel like dancing. Now check out Clarence Fountain and his version of Stand By Me on his album “Stepping Up Stepping Out.

  3. write another one!

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