Ready, Able

This happened

and it was spiritual to say the least.
It was the best music I’ve seen in Belgium so far and they’re from Brooklyn. Does that mean something?

One of the more noticeable cultural differences for me, here, has been the alcohol. and not in the way that you’re thinking.
Saturday night I helped man a 50 foot bar with the rest of my senior class as part of a class fundraiser. excuse me? There were kids rolling in and tapping kegs, kids mixing drinks, kids pouring beer.
On the contrary, my school went all 1919 about the open bar at our annual gala and confined us all to our own “kids’ room”.
I blows my mind, it absolutely does, how differently we view a drink. It’s been pretty evident since a boy, who looked to be about 8, served me a beer on my first night here. I’d like to know when and why we became so divided on this. If it weren’t almost midnight I’d do some research (for now I’m going to guess…religion). These are the things that remind me how far away I am from home. This also includes my host mom being in awe of the science behind microwave popcorn.

The answer is yes, I will be moved to Mons.
But I don’t really have a school to go to #communicationfailure.
On the plus side, I’m going to experience living in the midst of a real live lesbian relationship. This could either be wonderful, or terrifying…I haven’t decided yet. I do know that it will be plenty interesting and I plan to analyze the hell out of this couple. It’s been a hobby of mine lately. Being an exchange student is essentially a people-watcher’s ultimate dream. I’ve had such a wonderful three months just observing and processing…if nothing else.

and psst…people are the same. people are people.

Did you know the Smurfs are from Belgium?

alcohol, religion, homosexuality, evolution, and Donnie Darko
quelle controverse.


One response to “Ready, Able

  1. Hey Cass your mom finally sent me your blog. I always wonder how you are doin girl?? Just want to say you have many gifts and I am glad to see you are using them. Enjoy every minute there, learn from what you hear and see, take all with a grain of salt, unlike those middle-age secretaries you have a million years ahead of you. I liked the band from brooklyn too, yes it is an omen and EVERYTHING is destiny. Take it from someone who was in Italy at 19 years old. Cassie always follow your heart and make sure you are doing what you love. When people say you can’t, you find a way and it will happen. Waiting for you with an apartment in Brooklyn your fan, Sonia Zahm. Happy New Year!!

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