I Need a Girl Who Knows a Map

My girl is with me again. It hasn’t really hit me yet that we’re together…in the same country. What has hit me is the reality of my two lives. Once someone from my old world enters my new world here in Belgium it became apparent how not foreign this land is now. Now it’s me who’s figuring out the bus (for the most part), ordering food, and explaining dinner conversations. A lot has changed. A lot has been on my mind.
Adding to my heavy mind is my recent move from Chimay to Mons. I went from living in an 80 house village to living with a young lesbian couple over a gay bar (owned by one of my mothers) in the center of the city. yeah. How’s that for drastic? How’s that for perfect?It’s more like living with two big sisters actually (sometimes they forget to feed me and I can go a whole day without seeing either of them), but it gives me a lot of the freedom I’ve wanted for 4 months. I can come and go as I please, I can walk to the train station, I can walk to the music conservatory, there are plenty of other students in Mons,…my house is a bar.
So far my luck as a young lesbian has been good. I went to a performing arts high school with too many gays, have an open accepting family, have had an amazing girlfriend for almost a year and a half now, and you’re well aware of my living situation now. I’ve never felt something like I do now though. I’ve never been surrounded by so many GLBTs (save for NYC Pride) daily, as I am now. If my moms go out of town I have like 5 gay guys asking me if I’m doing ok, need anything, and when they’re coming back. I go down to the bar at 1am and talk with Cedric about gay rights and Miyazaki films. I’ve fallen into the middle of a gay community…my luck continues.
I hope I haven’t jinxed it.
What I’m trying to say with all of this is that I’m finding my life again, I’m finding myself. I’m in an environment that is so conducive for the change I’ve been going through. All of this is feeding into my thoughts on my voice, my character, my sexuality, my gender, my relationship, my future.
Speaking of my future…it’s uh, kind of official

She was accepted into NYU. I can’t let her live there alone can I?


3 responses to “I Need a Girl Who Knows a Map

  1. Smile.

  2. wonderful.

  3. hey, I love you.

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