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Playing Along

Last night was the first time I encountered someone who is working under “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”. I didn’t get the chance to talk with him, he was too busy flitting about and being drooled over by all the other guys in the bar. I’m not sure why it was so impressionable for me, he didn’t seem to mind that much.

I’m feeling a bit worn down. I’m not sure how much more I can do here. I’m not sure how much more there is for me to do here. There are still some beautiful moments to be had, though few and far between.
Friday night I went out with my favorite bartender, Cedric. In our company was an eastern European guy (who is in love with Cedric), the most typical straight guy I’ve met here so far (he enjoys video games, and American football…especially the lingerie bowl), and Cath (her wife works at the bar across the street). We ended up at that bar across the street and then Cath took me to see this all lesbian band who was playing in Mons. Afterward we ate fries and talked while escaping the rain under a storefront before returning to the others at the bar. Later, I met an American soldier there that invited me to go on a holy quest for the best beer in the world the next morning. “Sure, why not?”. The night ended with myself, Cedric, Cath’s wife, and the owner, sitting in the now closed, dimly lit bar, drinking, talking, and listening to Tracy Chapman til 4:30 in the morning.

These are beautiful moments.

Though at times my life is sprinkled with a bit of this.

When I actually go to school I really enjoy it. My harmony teacher is really great and actually gave me a book and all the papers for the class. The composition teachers are a nice bunch, but I think I’m more on the same page as this one than the others. He’s going to look at my work in two weeks.
Being in composition class here and finishing up The Rest is Noise (one of the best books I’ve ever read. Thank you Sage) has really got me thinking about the composers role in the 21st century. Pretentious, I know, but I’ll try to articulate it here later. For now I’ll just continue to ramble on about it in my mediocre French to Cedric while he makes me coffee.

oh and if you were still wondering. No, I did not wake up in time to accompany that soldier on his beer journey.


We Are After All Here

I’m determined to learn how to process the happenings in my life without the end result of a mental breakdown… which, in the past, is what usually occurs…about once a month or so. I’ve decided to step back a bit. I’m so overstimulated that it’s been impossible for me to focus on what I need to be doing. This sort of eclecticism I’m entangled in looks fantastic on a college application, but in reality it’s a pain in my ass.

Kassie’s Mind:

– college
– money for college
– lack of class
– need piano
– need to compose
– wtf my embouchure
– French

Kassie’s Plan:

1. stay in the present
2. one thing at a time
3. a good woman to keep me grounded √
5. Belgian beer

oh and…on a sidenote:
Dear Reader,
I hope by now you can sufficiently understand my humor and identify it when necessary.
Sincerely Yours,

I don’t really have any groundbreaking observations to put here for the moment. New Years in Brussels was…something. I’m not sure I’ve ever been awake for that long in my eighteen years of life.
Tomorrow, or someday soon I think I might go catch this movie at the local theater.
My relationship with the conservatory is advancing ever so slowly. Friday I’m hoping to find out more. Meanwhile, due to my lack of scholastic involvement is looking for another high school to enroll me in in addition to my classes at the conservatory. splendid.

p.s. got one of these

I Go Humble

1. write more music
2. stay in the present
3. procrastinate less
4. read more
5. actually study French
6. be myself
7. look like myself
8. learn more recipes
9. practice piano

I’m halfway there.