We Are After All Here

I’m determined to learn how to process the happenings in my life without the end result of a mental breakdown… which, in the past, is what usually occurs…about once a month or so. I’ve decided to step back a bit. I’m so overstimulated that it’s been impossible for me to focus on what I need to be doing. This sort of eclecticism I’m entangled in looks fantastic on a college application, but in reality it’s a pain in my ass.

Kassie’s Mind:

– college
– money for college
– lack of class
– need piano
– need to compose
– wtf my embouchure
– French

Kassie’s Plan:

1. stay in the present
2. one thing at a time
3. a good woman to keep me grounded √
5. Belgian beer

oh and…on a sidenote:
Dear Reader,
I hope by now you can sufficiently understand my humor and identify it when necessary.
Sincerely Yours,

I don’t really have any groundbreaking observations to put here for the moment. New Years in Brussels was…something. I’m not sure I’ve ever been awake for that long in my eighteen years of life.
Tomorrow, or someday soon I think I might go catch this movie at the local theater.
My relationship with the conservatory is advancing ever so slowly. Friday I’m hoping to find out more. Meanwhile, due to my lack of scholastic involvement is looking for another high school to enroll me in in addition to my classes at the conservatory. splendid.

p.s. got one of these


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